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Dr. Unger is an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University and with a number of his colleagues contributes to the university’s Experiential Learning Educator Network (

His focus is on inspiring and empowering educators and education leaders to disrupt the status quo of teaching, learning, and schooling through the pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.  SEE MY WEBSITE –>

Dr. Unger started his education career at the first US federally-funded research organization at Harvard University investigating how new technologies could impact student learning in math, science, and computing education.  Dr. Unger then led, co-directed, and directed a number of initiatives at Harvard’s Project Zero, an educational think tank and research organization, including contributing to the seminal work on teaching for understanding, co-directing and supporting several education initiatives in Colombia, and leading several school development efforts.  Dr. Unger subsequently assisted the Seattle Public Schools in their high school redesign efforts, and then worked at Brown University in the redesign of high schools throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, and the support of several state departments of education along the East Coast in their statewide systems of school and district improvement.

Since then, Dr. Unger’s focus at Northeastern University has been on educators being change agents in their communities, education entrepreneurship, the rethinking of teaching, learning, and schooling, and experiential learning in K12, higher education, organizations, and communities.  He is currently working on two books that showcase leading edge innovations in schooling and how education ecosystems could progressively and effectively foster and support the growth of entrepreneurial activity across the US.

To get a glimpse at what I truly care about, see my website here:


B.A.   Wesleyan University, ’82
EdM.  Harvard Graduate School of Education, ’85
EdD.  Harvard Graduate School of Education, ’91


The Need for Revolutionary Networks, in Getting Smart, August 19, 2018



Supporting Entrepreneurial Activity and Innovation in Schools and School Systems – ongoing work through collaboration and courses in education entrepreneurship in the Graduate School of Education

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

The NExT/GSE convening in Seattle, March 16-17, 2019

Building Diverse Partnerships to Advance Personalized Learning, with XXX of the XXX, XXX of the XXX, and XXX of the XXX, at the CoSN 2019 Conference, Envision 2030: Leadership for Learning

The NExT Summer Institute, Northeastern University, July 15-17

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