What research tells us about experiential learning? What is new in the field of research? How does research on experiential learning inform our teaching and learning?

What types of inquiry are you working on related to experiential learning?

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    Inquiry is the process of asking, exploring, and answering questions using information. In the world of experiential learning, there are many types of questions to be explored. The context and purpose of the questions can shape the type of inquiry done. Here we will share a variety of inquiry types including, but not limited to the following:

    1. Traditional research. Scholarship that is intended to produce new knowledge for a field. This type of research requires in-depth knowledge of the research literature and uses rigorous methodology in order to create knowledge that is acceptable via the peer-review process (typically grant funded)
    2. Scholar-Practitioner Research. Scholarship that emerges from a problem of practice. Utilizes literature and theory
      • Action research-Studies undertaken by practitioners using literature, theory, and research methodology. Emerges from a problem of practice
    3. Program Evaluation. A study of a program, project or initiative (a set of organized activities with specified outcomes). Can use program logic or theory of change as the framework.
    4. Inquiry-based activities. Process of asking questions and using tools to gather information on those questions (most simple form of discovery)
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